Tilting to one side: when the water supply is full, it is able to leave the vessel in equilibrium. As it empties, the vase begins to hang from the heaviest part and when it is completely empty the difference is noticed. Thus it will be impossible to forget to give the plants a drink.

Those with a green thumb always boast of how its plants grow lush … with the envy of those who, instead, have to deal with a black thumb. There are people brought for gardening and others who, in spite of their own efforts, do not make it. What is their biggest limit preventing them from having a green thumb-proof balcony? Perhaps just remember to give water to plants: it is the last of their thoughts … But it will be easier if they use this pot, able to warn when the plant needs to drink. Studio Lorier has created the solution to all our problems: Natural Balance is a pot in which to insert our plants. By removing the cap, they can be watered, giving them enough water to grow well. When the water is running out, the jar simply informs us that it is time to quench the plant again. Such as?

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The art of pottery dates back to China to the highest antiquity and its invention is attributed to the fabulous Shen-Nung, the “Triptolem of China”, who taught his people the culture and other arts necessary for the needs of life ; but the authentic objects which one possesses, date only from the dynasty of the Tcheou (1122-256 BC); they are purely utilitarian pottery; vases for cooking food, wine vases, sacrificial vessels, dishes, etc. , found in ancient burials and similar to those made in bronze for the same purposes. The rigid, regular and impersonal art of the Chou disappeared almost completely in the struggles of the empire; it reappeared with the Han (206 BC – 265 AD) but with less coldness, under the influence of Confucianism and especially Taoism, whose innumerable legends provide eternal motives to artists. The objects of this period are still very primitive; the vases of very beautiful forms, have a decoration in relief with a monochrome covered dark green, brown or greenish; the use of enamel is then the great novelty, the vases are often casts or copies of bronze vases. Almost all the Han pottery we possess has, in addition to their artistic interest, a historical interest: it comes from the tombs of this period discovered by the Europeans during the construction of the railways. The Chinese, worshipers of ancestors, had always opposed the desecration of burials.


I recently found a large glass vase at Ikea in which I put a potted orchid.

The set is pretty and pretty design but actually I was tired of seeing the black pot, it was not great … That’s why I decided to decorate all this, just to make a better finished set ! For this vase I wanted real silvery reflections, with a shiny metallic effect. I immediately fell in love with the new Paper Foil Hot Foil papers from Rico Design! There are for the moment only some models, united gold and silver, with little hearts (the one I chose), zig zag (top trend), points and arcades (this one made me the eye but Creavea only offers the golden model).